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We have all been, too much time spent with family, the overwhelming amount of food that needs to be cooked, spending too much money on gifts, and needing the house to be perfect. Raise your hand if you have had one or two or all the years around the holidays and feel like no matter what you do it is not enough?

What if I told you it does not have to be that way? I am not saying there is some magic pill that will make the stress go away but, having little ways that help ease the stress of the most wonderful time of year.

Ways to ease the stress

  1. Find BALANCE. Set priorities, budgets, and stick with them.

  2. SAVOR Moments. Enjoy the time you have with family and friends.

  3. BREATHE. Set aside time for yourself, don't forget to take care of yourself during this time as well.

  4. LOVE. As my late uncle said, "Whatever the question the answer is love."

I wish you and your families the most joyous time of year and find balance, savor moments, breathe and love till no end.


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