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Summertime is so much fun whether you work full-time, work inside the home, work part-time, or have the summers off. Summer reminds us of our childhood and the things we grew up doing get passed down to our children.

Take a Trip

Budget big or small or anything in between; a trip is a fun way to spend a weekend, a long weekend, or a week up north in Michigan, It can be an hour away or 14 hours away; whatever time you want to spend driving or flying is time well spent. Two ways to save money on a trip is to fly out of town on a Tuesday and pick up souvenirs at a local thrift store!

Plant a garden

The smell of fresh flowers in my home brings me so much peace. Going to pick flowers instead of buying them has so many rewards. I choose to plant flowers that come back every year, look at the Facebook marketplace for free stones, and pick up bulbs in the bags at Menards or home depot; how I save money while updating/building my garden.

Summertime is the best, it reminds me of my childhood and the summers we spend up north in Michigan. Whatever you choose to do this summer, I pray that it is a safe, fun, adventure-filled of family moments.


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