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Traverse city Michigan photographer

I want you to relive these precious moments in time, to smile, laugh, and even cry your way through your photographs, just as you did when they were taken.

I believe true happiness produces authentic and warm candid photographs, In the end, this is your moment and your story. Your comfort is of utmost importance to me, and I want you to feel completely at ease as I document this time in your life.

After all, this chapter is about you, and I feel truly privileged to document it.

I'm Kelsey a Michigan Family, 
individual & couple photographer. 


Lifestyle Photographer for Michigan families who want to document their stories for future generations.

Michigan lifestyle photography sessions 

Getting your photograph taken can seem intimidating, but I promise it doesn’t have to be. My goal is to help provide natural direction and give you a space to be your whole self. Not to worry if you’re doing the “right thing” (whatever that is anyway... we’ll get to that). Hopefully, the words of wisdom below will help put you at ease, and of course, I’m here for you every step! We tend to rush through things when we feel a little uncomfortable. During your session, we will slow down and not force things. My job isn’t to overwhelm you with rigid poses. I’ll give you directions and prompts we’ll build on throughout the session. When we slow down, and we’re present, it shows. We’re more thoughtful and can take our time creating intentional moments.

The entire time, my friends. Whether swaying, a playful nudge, running your hands over your partner’s shoulders, or playing with each other’s hands... keep moving. If you’re still and I take a handful of photographs, you will get the same out of that group of portraits. But if you keep it moving, you’ll get a variety of photographs from the bunch.

 I love how you catch such natural and spontaneous moments. What a beautiful job! "

Michelle T. 

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