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Hello Everyone!

My name is Kelsey from @Kelseycharmaynephotography and if you are new here I am a lifestyle and nature photographer in the Detroit area and love to travel. Photography has been in my life for almost twenty years (crazy how time flies!).

The Moment I Realized

I first realized I wanted to be a photographer was when I was up north during winter break on a family vacation skiing in Northern Michigan. It was night time and I looked out the window and could see big snowflakes coming down. I ran and grabbed the point-in-shoot camera I had at the time and took the photo. The snowflakes turned out like bokeh. Everything changed from then on.

Why Photography is important to me?

Capturing family moments and time spent outdoors helps me to remember the moments that slip through my mind. Photography helps me relive those moments in time. Being able to capture the decisive moment of who someone is or who they want to be. Real-life images capture life in all areas the good, bad, and full of emotion.

The photo was taken by @kelseycharmaynephotography (me) in Empire, MI

Why be a photographer?

I love evoking the emotion in someone that views the work I create. I love creating the emotion brought only by others, the authentic smile, the laugh, the lighting that peaks the mountains, and the way the sun hits the sky in a sunset or sunrise.

Ansel Adams once said, "You don't take a photograph you make it."

The photo was taken by @kelseycharmaynephotography ( Me!) in Flagstaff, AZ.

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