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What's the best time of day for a family photoshoot?

We are all so blessed to live in the wonderful state of Michigan, we are even more blessed to wake up a see the sunrise over Lake Michigan. We could not live in a more photogenic state.

Are you a sunrise or sunset fan?

But, here's the thing: some times of day are much better than others to have your family photos taken.

I love Golden Hour & I believe that it is the best time of day.

Golden hour is the time of day right before sunrise and right before sunset; where the light is gorgeous and makes people and everything look so dang good. I love to schedule outdoor photo sessions during golden hour. With little ones, it can be a challenge to wake them up early or stay up later past their bedtime. I recommend them taking a late nap for the sunset session and a snack or dinner before the session; so they can be in the best mood possible.

For families who can't stay up late or get up early; that is okay. Maybe there are scheduling conflicts that get in the way of an early morning or evening shoot. Either way, if you can't do your session at that time, I am happy to accommodate!

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