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How many of you want a sunset family session? Maybe you are already considering it but have young children and don't know if they would make it through a session. I am here to help, and hopefully, give you some tips that maybe will help along the way.

Tip 1. Move bedtime and naps to later

This is probably an obvious one however, you could try moving their bedtime later gradually throughout the week before your session and move it gradually back after the session.

Tip 2. Eat before the session

Make sure you eat a couple of hours before the session because we all know that hungry kids are not happy children. Also, bring some not messy snacks along in case your little ones get a little hungry (grapes, apple slices, Cheerios).

But, make sure you guys don't eat too much or they will go into a food coma.

Tip 3. Dress the little ones for the weather

Make sure your child is comfortable. When it’s hot out, lather your kids in sunscreen and show some skin. If the weather will be chilly, have some layers. With babies and toddlers, their pants can ride up and not cover their legs so put thin leggings or extra tall socks under if they’re wearing pants. This happens more times than I can count! Having cold legs as a child is not fun. Bring a hat for them if it will be super cold or windy to keep their ears warm.

Tip 4. Hire a photographer who knows how to have fun

When you choose a photographer, who is candid and will keep everyone having a good time. Creating those moments that are documented forever and passed down for generations. The experience is guided and I will give you prompts, you will not be left out on your own. If you are looking for a Traverse City Photographer,

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