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Phone Photography is not the same as a professional photographer. Having your photographs taken by a professional will show in the final product. Here are three reasons why mobile photography can't compete with professionals.

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Quality in phone photography

The quality of images on the phone can't compete with professional cameras and photographers who have the skills to produce beautiful heirloom artwork for one's home. Professional cameras have higher pixels per square inch so that you can order a large image for your home with a professional photographer, unlike on a smartphone. For example, Smartphones produce blurry photographs when photographing kids in motion. Say one wants an image of their child in their element on the soccer field; since the players are almost always moving, phones can't capture what professional photographers can. Why miss out on the winning goal when a photographer can do it for you, and you don't have to miss the moment?

Composition & Exposure in phone photography

Professional photographers have a different way of looking at the world through composition and how the light hits the camera. Smartphone photography doesn't offer as much creative flexibility and has little focal range. Professional photographers are prepared and often have two to four different lenses for various settings.

Depth of field is challenging to Achieve in phone photography

The portrait mode on smartphones will throw the background out of focus. To create those beautiful images, one would need a professional photographer who understands how to create depth of field and aperture.

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