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The Story Behind the Bear

My love story starts before I met my husband. He was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his good friend and his friend's girlfriend (now wife). They were up north around my husband's birthday, and as a joke, they got him a bear puppet and stated "This is your girlfriend now." Little did I know bears have played a vital part in our relationship.

I met my husband in February 2019, we had our 1st date at a brewery and went bowling afterward. It was all uphill from there and our love grows stronger every day as we continue to choose love each day.


I got my tattoo in November 2017, as you can see it's of mountains, nature, and a bear. I got this tattoo to symbolize my love for nature, that life has uphill battles, and a bear as a reminder to be strong, full of courage and to step outside my comfort zone.

My husband didn't know I had this tattoo until a few weeks into dating; we were talking and he told me the story. I didn't realize it then but, I am pretty sure I knew our relationship was going to be special.

Bears are our thing

Since we met bears hold something special to us; we had them as our wedding cake topper and each time we are on a trip or see something cool that has a bear on it we pick it. It is a good reminder that God has everything planned out before we even met.

This story is the significance of the bear in my photography logo; a reminder to be brave, have heart, and courage.

I have found my bear, Have You?


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