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My name is Kelsey Doletzky, and I am the proud owner and founder of Kelsey Charmayne Photography, LLC. I am Michigan-born and raised and will always cheer for the Wolverines! Go Blue!

I have my bachelor's in social work and a Master's in Health Administration. Along with photography, I am passionate about advocating for human trafficking victims and child safety while online, which led me to pursue both degrees.

Outside of Photography

You can find me at home when I am not behind the camera. I love spending time with family and friends and enjoying the little moments that life has to offer. I believe in finding Joy in all moments of life. I love going up north. It's our happy place.

You can also find me dating the love of my life and Husband. We got married over a year ago and still are in our "honeymoon" phase and plan to never leave. To hear more about our love story, click the button below.

Why Photography?

I am more introverted; however, I tend to open up once one gets to know me. I love capturing memories that can be passed down to future generations. I create beautiful heirloom artwork for your home.


You create lasting memories with loved ones that end up on the wall or in a photography album instead of in a junk drawer.

Thanks for reading! Just a little about me if you are interested in documenting your story. Please email me at or call and leave a voicemail to 734-743-2192.


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