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Children are a part of us, we grew up as a child and we know exactly how it feels like to be in a scary situation. The worst thing about being a parent is knowing that no matter how hard you try, you can never keep them fully safe, but hopefully, these tips will help you keep your child safer.

Tips for keeping children safer

  1. Limit their screen time & monitor the apps kids are using. No app is safe for kids. There is not an app or device that your child can't be targeted.

- EG; Snapchat, Kik, house party, Facebook, emerald, calculators, Fortnite, Minecraft.

2. Stop teaching them "stranger danger". If abuse or sexual abuse were to happen 60% of the time would be with someone they know.

- Have ground rules, about accepting rides from strangers, come up with a code word if a stranger offers them a ride. Have the child ask them, "What's the code?"

- Let them know that they can come to you when they feel unsafe, or uncomfortable no matter who it is or the circumstance.

3. Spend time with them. Family moments matter and no matter how little or much time you get to spend with them making the most out of each moment is key.

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