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Finding or thinking about something that makes you unique is difficult and for some reason, we find it hard to think of compliments and what makes us us. But, the people around us that love us more can make lists and lists. As one gets older they realize that they do not need to please anyone around them or justify themselves because, no one's opinion matters.

I have two passions

I love photography and healthcare. I've tried to choose but, it can't be done. Specifically advocating and spreading the word about Human Trafficking. Ever since a young age I have been told that I have an eye for photography; something that can't be taught. I also grew up with an ophthalmologist, audiologist, and nurses within my family & extended family; you could save healthcare is in my blood. Ever since I went to Cambodia in 2014 and saw human trafficking firsthand, it has been a calling. Now, if I could only incorporate both..mmm.. something to think about.

I am a huge fan of winter

The crisp air, the way the sun falls on the snow, the ice-filled branches, and how winter shows our troubles but, with the new seasons, the sun will always show. I love being bundled up going for walks and finding the joy in every season. Every season, like in life has beauty to appreciate; one just has to look for it.


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