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When you think about what to wear when your family is getting yearly photos taken it can be overwhelming. I have plenty of clients who have said that they get so frustrated that it makes them stressed and I hope this post will provide some comfort,

Number 1 Rule :

Be Yourself and Be comfortable!

What does my family wear?

Do you have to match? Do the girls wear dresses? Do we all dress up? All questions that I have been asked before and I hope I can provide some answers.

It depends on what you would like your family portraits to say, are you more formal? casual? somewhere in the middle? Each family is unique and that is what I am trying to capture in those moments.

Do's and Don'ts

Do be yourself

Do be comfortable

Do wear solid colors

Don't wear logos

Don't wear patterns

Don't wear light on the bottom and dark on top

Don't wear sunglasses; I would like to see those beautiful eyes of yours.

All photos used courtesy of pexels stock images

Email me for more tips or questions!


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