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"What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human."

Brene Brown

When I was working on a behavioral health unit, I had enough PTO to take three to four weeks off right before I switched directions. I spent time figuring out what I wanted out of my life, what would make me whole. I pretty much spent the entire 3 weeks in northern Michigan; because that is where I find the most peace and Joy. One day I will live up there.

What being burnt out looked like for me

Before I took time away, I would cry going into work and be so utterly exhausted I did not know what to do with myself. Burnout can look different to different people. Not everyone's body is the same and yes, one gets exhausted when they are burnt out, however, It is much more about finding your passion and taking a leap of faith.

I knew I had to make a shift, the passion for helping individuals who mental health diagnoses were gone and I could not keep putting my body through this. I worked almost 150 hours in a two-week period and after that, I had enough. Working 3-11:30 then picking up a midnight shift multiple nights in a row because, either people would call off or we were short-staffed no one was scheduled to work.


I may not be where I would like to be, however, I am working towards my goals with my business. Photography to me is an escape it relaxes me and helps me capture the good in each day. Photography is my passion and I've been told I have an eye for photography since I was in middle school.

What is your escape? What helps you see the good in each day?

Each day brings something new and joy always comes when the sun begins to rise. Be human, embrace your flaws and imperfection; only then I believe will you being to see what you were called to do.


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