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Hey! My name is Kelsey and if you are new here I am a lifestyle, family, and individual photographer in Traverse City, Michigan. I help families and individuals document their stories. I am a Joy seeker, coffee addict, taco lover, and believe that family moments matter.

What do I like to do?

I love to be outside in nature in God's beautiful creation for us to explore. I love to Kayak and go for hikes when I am not working. I love going for walks in the woods, but also love going for walks on the beach with the view of Lake Michigan.

What am I most grateful for?

My family. Friends,

My future husband and our love life together.

The day job I have.

My photography.

Trixie & Kora ( Our two dogs)

What are my two passions?

Right now, I work a day job and I do photographer on the side; I pray and hope that I will be able to do it full-time one day. I truly love capturing moments for generations to come. To make fine art for your family to enjoy for years to come.

The second passion I have in life is healthcare. It's in my blood, I swear. Specifically, human trafficking. I went to Cambodia as an undergrad and saw it first hand. I love studying it, educating individuals, and advocating for victims.


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