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Ever get stuck in a rut and months have gone by and realized that you and your loved ones have not spent nearly as much time together as you would like? With school back in session life just keeps getting busier and as they grow older and more independent the more they don't like spending as much time together.

Outside ideas

  1. Go for a walk! This is good for any age, Getting fresh air and a break from homework/studying will do everyone some good.

  2. Have a picnic! I love picnics even if it's just a blanket with a ton of pillows in the backyard.

  3. Watch the Sunset.

  4. Collect Leaves for Crafts.

Family outings

  1. Go to a museum.

  2. Go to a Park.

  3. Go to a live sporting event.

  4. Go for a Hike.

Things to do at home

  1. Bake some cookies!

  2. Plan a Treasure hunt.

  3. Play Kick the Can!

  4. Have a taste test of some cuisine that your kid has never had before.


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