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Quality time looks different to everyone and everyone's family. There is a difference between spending time together and quality time. Raise your hand if you didn't know that.

I had come to find that out when I read

It's a book about how individuals best show or receive their love. Which has helped in my relationships across the board.

Quality Time

Quality time does not mean spending more time with your family and friends. Quality time is spent not distractions; that means put the cell phONE AWAY. I need quality time and when it comes to my family, it means that I am fully present fully there, and fully listening. When I am on my phone, I am not. Spending time together could be watching the sunset together, going on a family picnic, having a family game night, or giving each child a time during the day where they know they have your full attention.

Spending time together is different because when we are fully present, fully listening; savoring someone's words have so much worth and value ( as one of my professors said).

Children pick up on things, and they will model their behavior. So, take a break from work and go spend time with your loved ones. Because I will tell you;

You are always replaceable at work but, you are never replaceable at home.

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